As the creator of this section you may mistake me for someone who is obsessed with Faith or Religion, or perhaps someone who is attempting to push their beliefs onto you. You may even mistake me for someone who has some sort of vast knowledge of Religions of the world.  All of this is so very far from the truth.

In August of 1998, I was taken ill - hospital, surgery - the whole sha-bang. It was through Faith, or at least the belief in something or someone other than myself,  that I survived both physically and mentally.

Perhaps it was through the powers of the scapula, perhaps it was learning to focus and center during quiet meditation, perhaps it was through the support of family and friends.  Whatever it was, it all came down to believing and feeling something that was much more powerful than myself alone.  I'll call it faith.

This section was designed to provide a quiet place for thought, meditation and prayer. It is open to all faiths, and religions. It is not meant to create controversy. My background is of the Catholic Religion, and so much of the section may be dominated by that belief, because it is what I know.

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