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Kirsch Beverages is established Astral oil Company is consumed in a spectacular blaze Greenpoint Ferry's final journey McCaren pool opens On December 12th the dedication of the new building (see 1923)  for The Brooklyn HS of Automotive Trades took place (Automotive on Bedford Ave). Mayor LaGuardia gives the key to George Pigott Jr, 1st principal. Second Principal in 1941 was Ed O'Connor. 1st school yearbook entitled "Headlight" which coined the motto "Manhood, Service, Labor, Citizenship" currently chiseled in stone over the main entrance. The Monitor Memorial, in Winthrop Park erected The Kosciuszko bridge opens. Named after Tadeusz [Ta-de-us] Bonawentura Kosciuszko [Kos-she-as-ko], who was born in Poland in 1746.

The first section of the Brooklyn-Queens Connecting Highway, which connected Meeker
Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with Queens Boulevard (NY 25) in Woodside, Queens, opened
to traffic in 1939. This section included the steel-truss Kosciuszko Bridge over Newtown Creek.
Since the 1700's, several bridges had been constructed at this location, which was known as
"Penny Bridge."


Winthrop Park is officially named
"McGolrick Park" named for Edward J. McGolrick (1857-1938), community leader and pastor of St. Cecilia’s Church
The discovery of the Greenpoint underground Oil spill. One of the suprising facts (estimated
by a ground water investigative firm) is that while the Valdez spill in Alaskan waters weighed in at approximately 10 million gallons of oil, the Greenpoint seepage calculated at a spread of 52 acres, and at a whopping 17 million gallons! In 1950 there was a huge underground explosion that  resulted when gasoline seeped into a sewer pipe Subsequently the oil spill was discovered after the explosion, after accumulating
underground sometime in the 30's
A Trackless Trolley
Bus that ran through Green Point during the years 1949 through 1960. This picture was taken on Nassau Ave. between Manhattan Ave. and Leonard St. I would guess around 1951
Photo courtesy of
Matt Wilson.
Mobil Oil Spill of millions of gallons of oil.  Pat Benatar is born in Greenpoint. 1. Robert Moses runs the B.Q.E. right
through the center of the community.

2. The Iwo Jima flag raising sculpture is cast in bronze at the
Bedi-Rassy Foundry at 227 India Street.
The Green Point Babe Ruth League players attending Ebbets Field in 1955, and appearing on Happy Feltons Knot Hole Gang. The Brooklyn Dodger player is
Don Newcombe. Greenpointer, Michael Torre is the player sponsored by 3 Decker along with Sponsors from Sealand Terminal Dock L, The
P.A.L., and Naptha Rug. Green Point Savings Bank were responsible for making this day possible.
Photos courtest of Michael Torree
The Eberhard Faber pencil factory, the first pencil factory in the US (see 1872) located on Greenpoint Ave closes when its obsolete machinery forced the firm to move to Wilkes-Barre, Pa 1. Oakland Street is renamed to McGuinness Blvd named after Greenpoint Democratic leader Peter McGuinness.

2. The Greenpoint Volunteer Ambulance Corp is established in June 1964. First location was a 1 room loft at Nassau, between McGuinness & Newell. First ambulance was a 1949 Cadillac. GVAC later moved to 119 Driggs Ave (approx September of 1966). GVAC was the 1st volunteer ambulance corp in Brooklyn

On February 10, 1967, the Greenpoint Weekly Star carried a story titled "Flag Entry Deadline March 30. On June 7, 1967 the official dedication of the Greenpoint flag, the first community flag of the United States, is lead by Mayor John Lyndsy in McCaren Park. The Cardinal of Krakow Poland visits Greenpoint Cardinal Wojtyla becomes Pope John Paul II on April 15, 1978  Department of General Services tears down Norman Ave Library The Greenpoint Gazette local paper is Founded by Adelle C. Haines
with Ralph Carrano. The local
paper was started from Adelle’s home on Kingsland Avenue where it operated for about six years. Greenpoint was without a local paper for about one year between the closing of The Weekly Star, and the opening of The GardenSpot (closed in 1972)
Newly constructed Library opens on Norman Avenue on December 20, 1973 In November 1975 during the City's fiscal crisis, the City announced that it would close FDNY Engine Company 212, located at 113 Berry Street. Community residents led by Adam Venesky entered the firestation and "took it over". They held the fire truck hostage. Protests took place. A city official called off attempts to remove the protesters saying that the fire station was now "The Peoples FireHouse". The people won and the firestaion was reopened. Engine Company 212 was organized on September 15, 1869 as Engine 12 of The Brooklyn Fire Department. It was later reorganized to Engine 212 on January 1, 1913. 1. On September 23rd through 26th, 1976, Greenpoint  acts as Brooklyn’s
host community for the Bicentennial Barge celebration

2. The gates of Greenpoints Schaefer operation locked as the
company announces their move to Pennsylvania.
The Pope visits St. Stans Church on Driggs Avenue. His first visit as Pope, but second visit to Greenpoint. Local students were offered free tickets to the his New York major appearance venues. Greenpoint's small designated Historic District is confirmed by the City of New York. Community Environmental Health Center at Hunter College in New York City
investigates chemical use and storage in Greenpoint &
1. The Department of Environmental Conservation rules that the Newtown
Creek is not meeting clean-water standards. The above image is the construction of the biofilter test facility at Newtown Creek
treatment plant.

2. 7,200 Polish immigrants enter Greenpoint  (1990-1994). Equivalent to 19 percent of the Greenpoint population of 37,599.Total in Greenpoint & Williamsburg is 156,000. The same year 5000 Poles vote by absentee ballad in Polands national elections.

3. Greenpoint Toys For Tots is started at The Hollywood Inn by locals DJ Tommy and Ginny Accardi helping to raise thousands of dollars to help local kids. (more...)

1. Greenpoint begins to enter cyberspace with the early version of the Welcome To Greenpoint Web Site

2.In April 1994, the City sold the 100-year-old
Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center (GMDC), at 1155 Manhattan Avenue, to GMDC Local Development Corporation (LDC). The City sold the property and the LDC utilized funds from
City-assisted programs for the rehabilitation and environmental clean-up of the 360,000 square-foot,
eight building industrial complex. By 1999 the GMDC was back on the City tax rolls and home to 68
City manufacturers and 360 manufacturing jobs.

The Department of Agriculture & Markets reports that an
invasion of the destructive foreign pest known as the Asian Long Horned Beetle has
forced the agency to survey parks and public streets in the Greenpoint area
Greenpoint in Cyberspace in full swing with the transition of the Welcome to Greenpoint Web Site at Followed by the release of the 1st book about Greenpoint in 45 years, TD Marlo's Welcome to Greenpoint The Greenpoint Volunteer Ambulance Corp ceases operations after 35 years (see 1964). Answering over 46,000 calls